I am an associate professor of sociology at Baylor University. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology at the University of Virginia, and pursued a Master’s and PhD in Sociology with a focus on religion and race/ethnic relations at the University of Notre Dame. I served as a research assistant on the Panel Survey of American Religion and Ethnicity (now called the Portraits of American Lives [PALS]) and subsequently entered Baylor University’s sociology department as an assistant professor in 2004. One of my areas of interest remains in the sociology of religion, but my interests focus more on the sociology of race relations with a focus on Asian Americans. This includes research in racial/ethnic and religious inequality, identity, culture, intergroup relations, prejudice and discrimination. For a link to my CV click here. Over the past few years I began blogging on a group site, “Black White and Gray” and I am recently an occasional blogger for “Asian-Nation”.


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