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Affirmative Action Lawsuits are out of Touch (repost)

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A Virginia-based legal defense fund led by Edward Blum is pushing a lawsuit alleging that Harvard and North Carolina’s flagship schools’ admissions practices are biased against “high-achieving white and Asian American students.” If successful, affirmative action policies across the board will be deemed illegal.

Asian Americans, as racial minorities, become an important group in these legal maneuvers; presumably the ones bringing this case forward cannot be viewed as racist because they are advocating for a racial minority. In a similar vein, in early 2014 California lobbyists, most of whom were Asian American, worked hard to mobilize legislators to turn down SCA-5, a measure which would have restored race as a consideration in college admissions.

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One Step, Forward…

Reposted from Patheos Public Square “March From Selma: Fifty Years Later”

In 1965, participants of the American Civil Rights Movement from around the country gathered in Selma, Alabama to walk fifty-four miles to Montgomery, Alabama. The purpose of the walk was to make a statement: to voice the need for protection of non-violent protest marchers and a federal law ensuring the right of all citizens, regardless of race, to vote in all levels of government. For those not familiar, the 14th and 15thAmendments of the Constitution, ratified ninety-five years prior to the CRM, prohibited U.S. governments (federal and state) from denying the right to vote for its citizens, including those previously counted as chattel slaves. In the intervening years numerous state and local governments, particularly in the south, established laws that effectively eliminated the possibility for African Americans to vote. The use of the legal and political structures to limit the civil rights of African Americans became more largely known as the Jim Crow laws.  Continue reading

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March 4, 2015 · 11:36 pm